O'Dea High School

Brotherhood Block

Cultivating Character & Community

At O’Dea, we believe in nurturing young men who embody empathy and kindness, individuals prepared to positively influence their communities. To further this commitment, we have introduced Brotherhood Block, an initiative that echoes our mission to cultivate young men of character. Through the Brotherhood Block, we allocate explicit time for Social Emotional Learning, a cornerstone in fostering a community that is both emotionally intelligent and deeply connected. This initiative ensures that our young men develop into individuals who understand and cherish the value of community and empathy.

Our curriculum employs the acclaimed ‘Character Strong’ program, providing a solid foundation in instilling values of compassion and empathy in our students. This is further supplemented by a rich array of activities and discussions, creating a well-rounded program that addresses various aspects of social emotional development. These sessions, conducted twice a month in Mentor Groups, are integral in shaping individuals who are not just academically adept, but also emotionally mature. All faculty and staff are actively involved in the Brotherhood Block, dedicating time each week to prepare and review the upcoming lessons. Their involvement ensures that the program remains grounded and personal, fostering an environment that is both nurturing and enriching. To create a safe and focused learning environment, the school remains closed to visitors during the Brotherhood Block. This period is reserved for deep engagement and reflection, where students can freely explore and cultivate their social emotional competencies without distraction.