O'Dea High School

Club Offerings

Each year, clubs are offered to students to participate in during Irish Block. Clubs are subject to change due to scheduling and interest level. 

National Honor Society (NHS) 
The purpose of the O’Dea High School Chapter of National Honor Society is to promote enthusiasm for scholarship, character, service, and leadership amongst all students at O’Dea High School. NHS members are those individuals who epitomize all four of the ideals of the National Honor Society. Selection to National Honor Society is done through an application process whereby students provide information used by the Faculty Council to support their candidacy for membership. Students may apply for membership during their sophomore and junior years.  A formal Induction Ceremony for the new members is held in the spring. NHS members plan and lead two Honors Assemblies each school year to recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of our students.

eSports is a student run club in which members practice and compete in online video games with high schools across the country. It promotes strategy, teambuilding, friendship, and fun while at the same time tapping into the competitive nature of the students. O’Dea participates in a six week spring league in which it competes against other high school teams in the HSEL League of Legends Tournament.

Black Students United for Excellence (BSUE) 
Black Students United for Excellence (BSUE) is rooted in two themes: equity and education. Equitably, it is the goal for students to use a shared voice to demonstrate their leadership on campus. Therefore, it is important that the young men in BSUE are educated in Black History. Ultimately, through the two themes of equity and education, the young men in BSUE understand that Black History is American History.

Asian/Pacific Islander Cultural Club 
The Asian/Pacific Islander Cultural Club’s main purpose is to educate, promote, and encourage awareness of Asian/Pacific Islander cultures and traditions to the O’Dea High School campus and broader community, and offer support to our students of Asian/Pacific Islander decent. Through this, we strengthen our self-awareness, individually and as a whole, while standing together proud of our past experiences and focusing on improving our school’s future.

Rhythm & Poetry 
The focus of the Rhythm & Poetry Club is creative writing and performing inspired by hip-hop, spoken word and poetry. Students learn song structure, performance delivery techniques, recording studio etiquette and more. This group also discusses relevant topics within today’s urban music market as it pertains to the group dynamics.

Digital Media Club (DMC)
The DMC club introduces students to the world of LIVE online streaming and video production. Students are exposed to the “behind the scenes” work involved in successfully producing a school event and will gain valuable experience learning how to operate a camera and navigate production software. Students will stream a variety of athletic and student life events throughout the year and are encouraged to interview players/students and assemble weekly highlights to be played during our streaming broadcasts.

Makers Club
The O’Dea Maker Technology Club Club is an opportunity for students to put into practice human-centered design skills to help local businesses find solutions to real-world problems. These skills, when practiced with a combination of empathy and critical-thinking allow the student to build character while being of service to companies while experimenting with different professions and careers.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.  As emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, students will gain the skills and experience needed to overcome any challenge as they propel themselves from the classroom to the board room.

SAFE (Student Advisors for Equity)
The SAFE Council are dedicated to furthering equity and social justice in our school community. We are committed to making all students feel a sense of belonging and bonds of the O’Dea Brotherhood through a critical examination of our school climate and culture.

Chess Club
Chess Club provides students the opportunity to play, compete, and strategize over the game of Chess together.

Fishing Club
The O’Dea Fishing Club offers students a unique opportunity to develop their fishing skills through competitions and meetings. The club is divided into 3 groups: bass fishing, fly fishing, and conventional all-around fishing. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just a beginner, the O’Dea Fishing Club will help build your fishing skills and tighten the O’Dea brotherhood!

Marine Biology
The Marine Biology Club will be learning about Marine life in the Pacific Northwest. We also have many service projects lined up to help protect the marine life of our region.