O'Dea High School

Fathers’ Club

Welcome to the O’Dea High School Fathers’ Club!  The Fathers’ Club serves as a bridge to communicate and support our school’s mission to the entire community, students, parents, and families alike.  Each father or guardian is automatically a member of the Club and is encouraged to participate in monthly activations that promote fellowship, faith and fun at O’Dea.

To support and grow our sense of community in a diverse school population.

  • To have fun together modeling for our sons the value and pleasure of Brotherhood and Christian service within a broader community.
  • To create meaningful opportunities for Fathers and Guardians to participate in the scholastic, spiritual, athletic and other extracurricular activities of our sons.
  • To foster interaction and cooperation between Fathers and Guardians and the School Faculty and Staff.
  • To support the needs of the school and our sons through volunteering our time and talents and by sponsoring fundraising.
  • To welcome new fathers and guardians of O’Dea students each school year.

The Fathers’ Club meets at O’Deaat 6:30PM approximately once a month. Meeting dates are announced in the Family Bulletin and emailed out prior to the meeting. We also use Facebook’s Events to announce upcoming activities including O’Dad’s meetings, school activities or sporting events.


Volunteering is a great way to help the school and get involved. We understand that the ability to volunteer will vary with each member, and we simply ask that you do what you can to support the school activities. Click here for a schedule of school events that need our support.