O'Dea High School

All-Male Student Body

O’Dea High School is the only all-male Catholic college preparatory high school in the Pacific Northwest. There are 480 young men enrolled in grades 9-12.

Urban Campus

O’Dea is centrally located on First Hill, which overlooks downtown Seattle.  This central location allows for a student body drawn from the entire metropolitan area, including young men from 84 zip codes.  Students come from 136 different feeder schools.

Catholic Identity

64% of our students are Catholic. Students come from 58 parishes and 42 Catholic grade schools.


Our student body reflects the cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity that exists in the greater Seattle region.

57% Caucasian
19% Multi-Racial
13% African American
6% Asian
3% Hispanic
1% Pacific Islander
1% American Indian