O'Dea High School

The O’Dea Experience

Catholic Education

O’Dea High School is committed to developing our students into young men of character, faith, and service.  Theology coursework, liturgies, retreats, community service, campus ministry and character development are integral components of O’Dea’s faith-filled education.

College Preparatory Academics

O’Dea High School is the only all-male Catholic college-preparatory high school in the Pacific Northwest. As an all-boys school, our faculty employs an approach to teaching tailored specifically to the way young men learn. Through Advanced Placement, Honors, College in the High School, and college-prep courses, O’Dea prepares each student to succeed at a post-secondary institution of their choice.


Diversity has been a signature strength of O’Dea’s student body since the school was founded in 1923.  Our student body reflects the cultural, ethnic and socio-economic diversity that exists in the greater Seattle region.  This diversity is a fundamental part of our community.


The O’Dea experience fosters unparalleled bonds of brotherhood among students.  Our unique all-male student body enriches these bonds through shared experiences, including participation in the House System, a program dedicated to developing leadership skills and connecting students with each other, their school and the community.  These bonds last well beyond graduation, spanning decades, lifetimes, and generations.

Tradition of winning, with honor

Athletic success is a longstanding tradition at O’Dea.  With this tradition comes the responsibility to compete, with honor.  Success is achieved with hard work and discipline, and is celebrated with sportsmanship and a selfless focus on the team.  O’Dea athletes constantly strive to represent the school and community with pride and dignity.

Urban Campus

O’Dea’s urban campus elevates the traditional high school experience through our location in a vibrant intersection of city life.  O’Dea is located across the street from St. James Cathedral, between premier medical facilities, art museums, and college campuses.  Our students are exposed to stimulating inner-city experiences that enrich their education.