O'Dea High School

Campus Ministry Retreats

Retreats are an important part of the brotherhood at O’Dea. Our retreat program seeks to give students a meaningful experience of God and neighbor, building him up to have a strong and mature faith life. Each academic year we have five retreats:

Freshman Welcome Retreat

During this retreat, all freshmen visit Camp Don Bosco for the day to learn more about their new classmates, share faith, and understand the profile of the O’Dea Gentleman. This fun and faith-filled retreat is a great way to learn about the O’Dea Experience.

Sophomore Retreat

This day long retreat, held in October, focuses on servant leadership. All Sophomore students are divided into two groups and retreat on separate days. They spend half the day putting faith into action by volunteering in various locations for Catholic Community Services, and the other half reflecting on the importance of service for themselves and for the community.


This highly anticipated four-day retreat is the ultimate O’Dea Experience. Shrouded in secrecy, Encounter is full of surprises and wonderful experiences for all who attend. This is an optional retreat that is held twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Many students have commented that it was the highlight of their high school career. These important days at Camp Don Bosco are spent encountering ourselves, our community, and our God. This is what the O’Dea Brotherhood is all about.

Senior Retreat

Before the seniors leave the halls of O’Dea, they have the opportunity to gather as a class and reflect on their experience at O’Dea High School. The theme of this one-day retreat is Gratitude and giving back.