O'Dea High School

Welcome & Overview

O’Dea is a Catholic high school whose mission is to educate young men and prepare them to be men of character, faith and service.

Our philosophy and approach in education stems from a relationship-based approach, where we get to know each student on a substantive level and then challenge them to grow and push themselves in new and profound ways. This approach leads to long-lasting learning, relationships, and personal development over the course of 4 years.

We offer an array of college-level courses and interest-based electives to help students realize their full potential, uncover their passions, build their faith, and develop the skills necessary to not only be successful in college, but in life. We value a diverse community of learners and have a range of supports in place to help all students succeed. Our dedicated faculty work hard to meet students where they are and design curriculum to help them face the various challenges to prepare for life after high school.

Our primary goal is not how we prepare them for college. Our goal is how we prepare them to be men in our community who will find success in college, in the workplace, in relationships, and in fatherhood, while embodying the values of an Edmund Rice education.