O'Dea High School

O’Dea For A Day
Class of 2025

Scheduling will go live late August 2020.

Visitation Days give prospective students an opportunity to experience a day at O’Dea High School.  8th grade visitors will attend two classes and a Mentor Group.  O’Dea Student Ambassadors will serve as hosts.

To schedule a visit, please complete a CONTACT SHEET and select a preferred visit date. Visits begin in early October.

7:45 AM at the east entrance to the school where 8th grade visitors are greeted by O’Dea students.

A complimentary lunch will be provided. Visitors with dietary restrictions are welcome to bring their own lunch.

11:35 AM at the east entrance of the school – where you dropped him off in the morning.

Appearance Code 
While visiting, 8th grade students must be in accordance with O’Dea’s appearance code.

  • Pants – Dress style pants must be worn.  Pants must be worn on or above the hips.
  • Shirts – Shirts with collars must be worn and tucked in at all times while on campus.
  • Shoes – Shoes must have soft soles.  Gym shoes are permitted if they are clean, in good condition, and laced.  Socks must be worn.  Sandals and slippers are not permitted.
  • Adornments – Earrings and sunglasses are not acceptable.  Hats may not be worn indoors.

Questions? Contact the Admissions Office at (206) 622-1308 or kpatterson@odea.org.

We look forward to welcoming you to O’Dea!