O'Dea High School

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In order to support the young men attending O’Dea High School reach their full potential as individual learners, the counseling department features a model in which students are assigned to a counselor according to an alphabetical model. In this model, students stay with the same counselor throughout his years at O’Dea High School. The counselors are actively involved with each student, their parents/guardians, and their teachers, to allow the student to explore his potential as an engaged, diligent learner while attending O’Dea High School.  Counselors provide guidance in three focus areas: college counseling, academic counseling, and personal counseling.

Kit Soldato
Students with Last Names A-E
Lawrence Kight
Students with Last Names F-M
Erik Michels
Students with Last Names N-Z
Class of 2021 Reassignment:

Last Names

F-G: Ms. Soldato
H-K: Mr. Michels
L-M: Mr. Kight