O'Dea High School

Educational Support Program

Mission: O’Dea High School is dedicated to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive learning environment while preparing students to be men of character, faith and service. The Educational Support Program strives to ensure that all students are provided the tools and support they need to access educational programs. The Educational Supports are student-centered, strength-based and focused on student identified post-high school goals. We will work with students and families to find out where students are going and what supports are needed to help them realize their full potential at O’Dea High School.

Philosophy: The Educational Support Program is committed to proactively meeting students where they are while providing academic services that promote equitable access to the O’Dea experience. O’Dea is a college preparatory school and thus, the services provided are those that can be implemented within the existing schedule and curriculum of O’Dea High School.

Qualified Students: Students with diagnosed disabilities or physical impairments that affect learning may be eligible for an O’Dea Educational Support Plan (ESP). In order to qualify for an Educational Support Plan, an O’Dea student and family is required to:

  • Provide diagnostic documentation that identifies the learning difference or physical impairment
  • Participate in the initial and annual meetings to formalize an ESP
  • Approve the dissemination of the ESP to teachers and counselors
  • Advocate for their learning needs with teachers and counselors

Supports and Accommodations Might Include:

  • Annual review of ESP with Director of Educational Support, Counselor, student and parent/guardian
  • ESP disseminated to teachers annually
  • Progress monitoring of academic achievement
  • Testing accommodations
  • Standardized testing accommodations
  • Classroom/environmental accommodations
  • Academic accommodations
  • Educational consulting