O'Dea High School

Endowments & Scholarships

Supporting young men who have been accepted to O’Dea who require financial assistance to attend, is a significant part of our mission in service to our community. Socio-economic diversity is woven throughout the fabric of O’Dea’s history and continuing that mission into our future is critical. This year, the need is $2 million.

Endowments provide long-term financial support, which provide tuition assistance for students and families. O’Dea has endowments that have been established by, and named after, individual donors. Setting up an endowment is a wonderful way to honor someone special, such as a parent, teacher, coach, or classmate. Graduation and class reunions are also a great time to talk with your classmates about building your O’Dea legacy through a class endowment.

Establish a New Named Endowment

Create a family legacy or honor a loved one or an O’Dea graduating class with a scholarship fund in their name. Once the fund reaches $25,000, O’Dea will award an annual scholarship to a deserving student in financial need. The award amount is 4% of the fund’s value as of the end of each calendar year.

Contribute to O'Dea's General Scholarship Endowment

The General Endowment Fund supports students with financial need. You also can establish a new endowment for other specific needs of the school, such as faculty development, technology, or other specific academic areas.