O'Dea High School

Personal Counseling

As challenges develop that affect an individual student’s ability to achieve to his fullest potential, members of the O’Dea counseling department are available for personal counseling. When appropriate, the O’Dea counselors will develop a support plan that may include a referral to professional resources outside of the school. The O’Dea counselors will incorporate recommendations from the qualified professional and communicate the plan to the proper faculty and staff members.

Student Assistance Program

In an effort to provide another avenue of support for our students, the O’Dea Counseling Department has developed a Student Assistance Program. We have designed this program so that students can anonymously report when they are concerned about another O’Dea student. When a report is made during school hours, a counselor is notified immediately. The counseling team then determines the appropriate action to be taken for the student of concern. The Student Assistance Program can be accessed by students on Microsoft Teams. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s counselor or the Assistant Principal for Student Services.

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