O'Dea High School

Hybrid Learning Updates

Posted April 26, 2021

Dear O’Dea Families,

As you are aware, this year has been one of seemingly constant adjustments. One of the more recent changes announced by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relaxed the “physical distancing guidelines” for children in schools to recommend most students maintain at least 3 feet of distance. It is important to note that the CDC acknowledged the revised distancing only works if schools are taking other steps, including “universal and correct use of masks, physical distancing, hand washing, respiratory etiquette, cleaning to maintain healthy facilities and diagnostic testing with rapid and efficient contract tracing in combination with isolation in quarantine and collaboration with local health departments” (CDC Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky).

As we plan for the remainder of the school term, O’Dea will continue with the weeklong Cohort 1 (A-K) and Cohort 2 (L-Z) rotation through Friday, May 7th. Cohort 1 will attend school the week of April 26th, and Cohort 2 beginning May 3rd. Starting Monday, May 10th, our goal is to invite all students to campus to attend classes, five days a week, through the end of the semester. The O’Dea planning team will continue to evaluate current health and safety recommendations, guidelines, and policies related to COVID-19 to best ensure a safe learning environment for your son.

While we may desire consistency and a sense of normalcy, additional adjustments may be necessary. It remains essential that we make informed decisions that best reflect, support, and advance our school programming while mitigating risks associated with COVID-19. As always, thank you for your support and understanding during what has been a most unusual year.

Jim Walker