O'Dea High School

Application Process for Transfer Students

O’Dea uses rolling admissions for transfer applicants. Please follow the application process below to apply.  Contact the Admissions Office with questions at kpatterson@odea.org.

1. Admissions Application

Applicants must submit an online application.

2. School Forms

Applicants must forward the Confidential School Report-Transcript Request & Confidential Teacher Evaluation to the applicant’s present school. The applicant’s present school must complete and send the forms to the O’Dea Admissions Office along with an official transcript.

3. Financial Aid Application (optional)

To be considered for Financial Aid assistance please submit a Financial Aid Application online. Questions about the Financial Aid Application process should be directed to Linda Thornton, Director of Financial Aid at (206) 923-7533.  Financial Aid application items must be completed and submitted by January 6, 2022.