O'Dea High School

About the House System

At the core of O’Dea’s culture is its House System, dedicated to developing leadership skills and connecting students with each other, their school, and the community.  O’Dea’s motto “Four Houses, One Brotherhood” references each student’s membership within one of four Houses (Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford); these Houses come together to form one O’Dea Brotherhood.  Upon entering O’Dea High School, students are placed with a Mentor Teacher from the Faculty/Staff. These groups meet each morning and are together throughout their four years, encouraging interpersonal relationships amongst peers from every grade level and their dedicated Mentor Teacher. The academic, emotional, and social support throughout the House System provides students with the necessary tools to become young men of character, faith, and service.

Below is O’Dea’s House Leadership Team:


Dr. Jeanne Eulberg
Assistant Principal for Student Services 


Ms. Rory McNulty
House Director


Mr. Will Chambers
Dublin House Dean 


Mr. Joe Cronin
Kilkenny House Dean


Mr. Mike Doyle 
Limerick House Dean


Mr. Lawrence Kight
Co-Waterford House Dean 


Mrs. Rebecca McPharlin
Co-Waterford House Dean