O'Dea High School

Books & Resources

Digital Textbooks

The new Microsoft Surface Tablet will move classrooms away from standard textbooks to having access to e-resources. O’Dea will be responsible for ordering and electronically delivering virtually all resources needed for your son’s classes. These will be delivered to your all tablet devices during the first week of school.

Workbooks & Novels

There are a few classes that will still require hard copy textbooks. Please click HERE for that list.


Clever allows students to access academic resources in the classroom. It gives a variety of software applications a platform to easily connect with O’Dea High School. This resource can be accessed by clicking HERE. Students may use their PowerSchool username and password to log-in.


Click HERE to download DigiExam, a software that lets teachers administer exams using the Microsoft Surface.  Students should download and install the Windows DigiExam application.

Google Chrome Browser

Pearson Realize Reader runs best on google chrome.  Students should download and install the Chrome Browser on to all of their devices to get the best reading experience for their Pearson Texts. Click HERE to download.

Office Mix Snip Tool

For the best experience taking screen shots for annotation in OneNote, use the Office Mix Snip tool.  Download the tool HERE.

O’Dea Community OneNote Notebook

Click HERE to download and connect to the O’Dea Community OneNote Notebook.  At this time the notebook is sharing information about the Microsoft Surface and Educational Technology.