My O’Dea: Sophomore Year

Posted December 7, 2021

O'Dea High School
Our 4 My O’Dea students are nearly halfway through their sophomore year. Hear from them on how being back full-time in-person is going, sports, clubs, classes, and more!

Overall, what are your thoughts on Sophomore year so far?

ELIJAH: Sophomore year has been great so far. I’m getting to know more of my classmates and teachers and overall have been having a great experience so far at O’Dea.

KYAN: Overall, sophomore year has been good, there’s a huge difference between eSchool and regular school.

KELLAN: Sophomore year has been challenging but fun!

KEEGAN: My sophomore has been great so far. With being on campus, interacting with friends and staff has been a lot easier as well as a lot more fun and exciting.

How has being on campus 100% of the time been different than eSchool or Hybrid Learning?

KEEGAN: Being on campus has made me feel more apart of the brotherhood at O’Dea from being able to socialize with people outside of my individual classes (especially people that are not from my grade) and clubs.

KYAN: Sophomore year has been a whole lot better than freshman year. I’m realizing being in class with all my brothers is something huge that I missed out on last year. The connection with all my classmates and teachers is so much better, I can see them face to face and have a conversation with them.

What have you been up to besides classes? (Clubs, sports, etc)

ELIJAH: I’m a part of three clubs which include the Asian Pacific Islanders Club, the Esports Club, and knowledge bowl.

KEEGAN: This year was my first time trying out zero period strength and conditioning. It’s been awesome; not only it allows me to get a workout in, but I also get to bond with 45 other guys from my grade. I’ve also became a Student Ambassador this year. I was a little nervous first but after participating in a handful of Student Ambassador activities, (grade school visits, shadow day tour guide) it’s been tons of fun.

KYAN: A lot of football! I am the starting cornerback on the football team and the season went really well. One of my favorite things about the team is the bus rides to practice… a great opportunity to bond with your brothers.

What is the biggest change from last year to this year you have noticed in yourself as a student at O’Dea?

KELLAN :The biggest change from last year to this year is being busier and having to be more attentive and organized in school with clubs, leadership, longer classes, and cocurricular activities.

ELIJAH: I think the biggest change in myself would be how respectful I am. I’m always striving to be a responsible and respectful student to my teachers and my classmates.

KEEGAN: The biggest change that I’ve noticed in myself this year is being a responsible student within O’Dea making sure I take care of what I am told to do whether that’s school work/athletics or representing O’Dea.