2022-2023 House Student Leaders

Posted May 19, 2022

O'Dea High School

Congratulations to our upcoming school leaders! Carefully selected by our House Deans, these 5 students will have an active hand in helping form the bonds of Brotherhood that make up O’Dea!

School Captain: Jaisen (JJ) Abner
School Vice Captain: Connor Lofy
School Vice Captain: Jack Suk
School Chaplain: Simon Olech
School Journalist: Andrew Beyer

In addition to our 5 school leaders, our student leadership is made up of numerous Senior, Junior, and Sophomore House Captains, Mentor Group Captains, and House Chaplains who help plan activities, encourage school and house spirit, and unify the student body of O’Dea. Congratulations to all our school leaders for the upcoming school year!