O’Dea Service Hour Adjustments

Posted March 30, 2020

In light of COVID-19, some revisions have been made to the 25 hour per year service requirement. Please contact Tim Greenan if you have questions regarding these changes. We recognize that service in the wider community is not always possible or safe for students, and have made the following modifications:

  1. The 25-hour requirement has been reduced to 12 hours. Students who have logged 12 hours into X2vol and had them approved by Ms. Curl have completed the requirement for the year.
  2. The May 1st Deadline has been moved to May 15th to allow those who have not completed their hours to have more time to do so.
  3. Students who have not completed 12 hours at this point in the year have two options:
  4. Continue to log service hours by serving from home.
  5. Complete a Research paper and flipgrid reflection.

Details and specifications on these modifications are available here. Service continues to be an essential part of O’Dea community life.  Thank you for your dedication during this difficult time.