Black History Month is Underway!

Posted February 1, 2021

Black history is American history.

In celebration of Black History Month, O’Dea student leaders from the O’Dea House System, O’Dea Black Students United for Excellence (BSUE) and the O’Dea Student Advisors for Equity (SAFE) groups will be sharing “Did You Know” posts of Black excellence, inspired by trailblazing women and men who have greatly contributed to our world. These posts will be shared daily with the students, faculty, and staff. The team at “Good Morning O’Dea” (GMO) will be selecting one of these individuals weekly to expand on and highlight more broadly during their broadcast which is presented during Mentor Group. Summaries of these exceptional individuals will be included in our weekly school bulletin each Thursday. We encourage everyone in the O’Dea community to take time during Black History Month to reflect on the contributions and excellence of Black individuals who have helped to shape our world.