Beards For Bros Fri’Dea Dress Code

Posted February 22, 2024

Beards for Bros incentives begin March 1st!  Students who have raised $100 to become a Beard Bro are eligible to wear Spirit Fri’Dea attire for the month of March, as long as their Beard Bro pass is visible.  Please see the Spirit Fri’Dea dress code below:

Tops: An O’Dea t-shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, quarter-zip, letterman jacket, or another O’Dea logo item.  A visible O’Dea top must be worn to participate in Spirit Fri’Deas.
Bottoms: Jeans (no holes), O’Dea sweatpants, O’Dea pajama pants.
Shorts, non-O’Dea sweatpants, or non-O’Dea pajamas are not permitted on Spirit Fri’Deas.  Wearing jeans, O’Dea sweatpants, or O’Dea pajamas without a visible O’Dea top does not qualify for Spirit Fri’Dea dress.
Shoes: Students must wear shoes consistent with the standard O’Dea appearance code.  Sandals, slides, rubber shoes (Crocs), moccasins, house shoes, etc. are not permitted.
Headwear: Headwear, including hats, beanies, sweatbands, etc. is not permitted.