O'Dea High School

eSchool at O’Dea

As schools around the world shifted to remote learning in the spring of 2020, O’Dea was ready to make a seamless transition to a structured and effective eSchool program. Should the need for remote learning arise againwe are confident our faculty and students will be even better prepared 

Our eSchool day models a typical day at O’Dea with an academic schedule, breaks, and Mentor Group, a time set aside for students to engage in social and emotional learning. This schedule provides both academic enrichment and social opportunities for students. It also provides them with daily structure and routine, which comes from a consistent learning experience.  

Academically, eSchool at O’Dea is more than just receiving assignments or watching recorded lectures. Our emphasis on synchronous learning provides students with real-time engagement with their teachers and classmates, collaborative work, and robust educational activities to continue their learning. In Mentor Group, social and emotional learning continues to be an integral part of our students education by enhancing community and brotherhood across all grade levels. In addition, counselors and other academic support staff assist students with their various needs one on one through remote face to face meetings or on the phone. 

At the co-curricular level, athletic teams connect with their coaches and each other, our Strength and Conditioning Coach continues to work out with our students, and some clubs and activities continue to assemble remotely. 

While in-person instruction is the ideal teaching model, we are pleased to provide our students with a robust remote environment that provides them opportunities to learn, be engaged, and prepare them for the future.

Check out Jason Fridge ’21 showing us a Day in eSchool!


Live, synchronous learning is how O’Dea’s eSchool is able to provide a high level of education for our students when in-person learning isn’t possible. Students engage with their instructors and classmates, participate in discussions, and collaborate with their peers on projects and presentations on a daily basis. Faculty and students make use of a broad array of software applications that provide them with tools they need to teach, learn, and grow.

Biology Cell Lab at Home

Student Art Created on Adobe Fresco

PE Home Workouts

eSchool Schedule

The following schedule is used when students are not able to be at O’Dea in person due to inclement weather, government regulations, or closures due to illness.

Zero Period 
M1  8:00-8:55AM
M2 9:00-9:55AM
Break 10:00-10:25AM
M3 10:30-11:25AM
M4 11:30-12:25PM
Continuous Learning 12:30-1:30PM

Zero Period 
G1  8:00-8:55AM
G2 9:00-9:55AM
Mentor Group 10:00-10:30AM
Irish Block 10:35-11:25AM
G3 11:30-12:25PM
Continuous Learning 12:30-1:30PM

Guidelines & Expectations
  • On Time– Students are required to attend all classes in a timely manner and stay responsive throughout. Students are marked absent from class if they do not sign in within the first five minutes or non-responsive during the class period. We track absences just as we do during in-person instruction.
  • Dress Code– School appropriate attire (shirt, pants, appropriate content) is required at the start of each class. The school dress code does not apply, but students must be out of bed, dressed and ready to learn,
  • Camera Turned On and Eyes Visible– Students should have their cameras on and show they are engaged with their eyes visible on the screen.
  • Engaged in Learning– Students need to take control of their learning. In order to get the most out of this, they must actively decide they want to participate in learning. Students should be prepared to respond to teacher requests and student discussions at all times. Microphones should be muted when they are not in a discussion. Students should be upright and not laying down.
  • Communication– Students are required to communicate with their teacher early and often if they know there will be challenges in meeting guidelines.
  • Grading– Students are given feedback and evaluated in a similar way to traditional school. Students are responsible for all assigned work during eSchool. If there is a concern about workload or being able to finish an assignment, students need to communicate with their teachers early and often.

Students who are not able to follow these norms may be referred to the Dean of Students. If problems persist, a meeting with the Dean, student, teacher, and family will be required.

eSchool Support

Recognizing that distance and online learning is not the ideal learning environment for everyone, we have student care teams in place to support students with any sort of learning challenge. To assist students who need academic support, O’Dea currently offers:

  • Online tutoring in various subjects
    • Faculty-led tutoring in subjects such as math and English
    • Student-led tutoring in various subjects
  • 1-to-1 Executive Functioning and Organizational Training
    • Students receive support with organizational training to help them achieve high levels of focus and learning in non-classroom settings
  • Self-Advocacy Training
    • Students receive the tools they need to ask for assistance in their classes, which helps them stay on track with curriculum

For questions or more information on O’Dea’s Academic Support options, please contact Kate Orizzoti, Director of Educational Support or Lucas Dobbs, Assistant Principal, Academics.

Technology Support

We recognize students need assistance with technology and are pleased to be able to provide them with the support they need. Students can rely on their teachers to meet many of their technological needs. In addition, they can contact David Olinger, Director of Digital Strategy, who works with students one on one to troubleshoot computer problems and help ensure they learn how to best use and manage their Surface device and its applications.

We also encourage parents to reach out to Mr. Olinger with questions.

Counseling Support

During times when our students are engaged in remote learning, our counseling team is still available to meet with students as needed virtually or on the phone.

O’Dea Counseling Staff:

Kit Soldato
Students with Last Names A-E

Erik Michels
Students with Last Names N-Z

Lawrence Kight
Designated Students

Family Resources