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We Create Great!

POSH Auction 2016
Promoting O’Dea’s Scholastic Heritage

March 11 & 12, 2016

As we finalize the results of POSH 2015 we continue to be grateful to all who were instrumental in the success of these events -- O’Dea parents, alumni, friends and students. Proceeds of $398,500 from this year’s auction will enable O’Dea to expand media resources in the school library and create a computer workspace for faculty. Additional proceeds will increase the amount of tuition assistance available to deserving young men seeking access to an O’Dea education.

It is now time to move along and begin preparation for next year’s auction, We Create Great!, scheduled for March 11 and 12, 2016 – Friday night in the O’Dea Gym, Saturday night at the Washington State Convention Center.

We appreciate the willingness of the following parents who have generously agreed to coordinate the auction events next year: Diane Sullivan, Stan Andersen, and Maureen Kures. Please offer your support to them by volunteering in whatever capacity fits your interest and your schedule: d.sulli@live.com; s.l.andersen@live.com; m.kures5@comcast.net.

Please consider participating as a POSH 2016 Sponsor to help cover auction expenses thus enabling a higher percentage of the Auction proceeds to benefit the young men of O’Dea High School. Sponsorship levels are available at the following levels: $3,500, $5,000, or $10,000, and include a complimentary table of ten at the Saturday Night Auction/Dinner. For information contact Dianne Irwin, Director of Development, 206-622-7151, dirwin@odea.org.

And, of course, it is never too early to be thinking about your donation commitment to the POSH Auction. All families are responsible for a contribution but there is no minimum requirement. Items, services, gift certificates and cash donations are all welcome and will be appreciated. Donor forms, suggestions, and sponsorship information are all available on the O’Dea website, http://www.odea.org/giving/posh-auction/.

Please contact any of us listed above if you need additional information. Thank you!

POSH Auction payment to PayPal

Director of Development . (206) 622-7151