O'Dea High School

The Gurian Model of Teaching

O’Dea High School is a unique and special place for young men. Those who choose to attend are fortunate in that we are a Gurian Model School, which means that our educators intentionally use teaching practices designed to nurture young male brains. We combine the best traditional teaching practices, with movement and competition in the classroom, to engage our young learners. Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, classrooms are being redesigned specifically to give boys room to move around, work in groups, and learn in ways that better suit their learning style. In addition, we are introducing new technology that will enhance their education. Further supporting our students’ development, the House System enables us to use mentor group competitions, peer and adult mentoring, and genuine leadership opportunities to more effectively teach our young men both in and out of the classroom.

With the combination of teaching strategies designed to nurture our young men, classrooms designed for movement and containing innovative educational technology, and the House System, our students are effectively learning while forming an O’Dea Brotherhood that is stronger than ever.

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