O'Dea High School

Brian Bruce, ’89
Advisory Board Chair
Bruce Company President; Current O’Dea Parent

Anthony Murphy, C.F.C., 
Director of Governance,
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America

Liz Swift
Head of School and Principal, Holy Names Academy

Mike Mondello
President and CEO, Seabear Company;
Parent of O’Dea Alumni

Patrick Haggarty 
Superintendent of Catholic Schools,
Archdiocese of Seattle

Karen Kalzer
Attorney; Helsell Fetterman Community Member


Charlie Herche, ’05 
Advisory Board Vice Chair
Head of Global FX and Cash Strategy, Netflix

Michael DesLauriers
Principal, St. Thomas More Collegiate, Burnaby B.C.

David Sullivan 
Principal, Palma School, Salinas, CA

Laurie Black Mays
Retired EVP, Nordstrom Inc.; Parent of O’Dea Alumni

Jeff Eulberg, ’00
Director of Wealth Management and Principal, Evergreen Gavekal

Dennis A. Cook, ’74
President, Dennis Cook Consulting LLC;
Retired Seattle Parks and Recreation Department